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Diabetic Sharps Container
Responsible Sharps Disposal-Available At Pick n Pay Pharmacies
We make the disposal of medical waste easy and stress free for you


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Who we are  
Vt Med Waste is fast becoming the best provider for removal, transportation and disposal of regulated medical waste. Our primary goal is customer service, safety and regulatory compliance, which leaves our clients protected and confident that their waste is being disposed of in a proper manner
Who are clients
Our primarily clients constitute of Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Surgical Centers, Laboratory, Dialysis Centers, Clinics, Doctors, Trauma Scenes, Funeral Homes, Pharmacies,Veterinarian Offices, Tattoo Shops 
Why we do it
Our intention is to provide all the medical waste generators with the best and effective waste management at a reasonable cost. 

Why Choose Us


Flexible Pickup Schedule

 Vt Med Waste offers flexible pickup schedules that meet your needs, not ours


On Time Or Free Collection

Vt Med Waste offers an on time or your collection is free service guarantee. 


No Long Term Agreements

Vt Med Waste doesn't believe in holding customers to a long term agreement. If you not happy, just give us 30 days notice. 


No Hidden Fees

 Vt Med Waste offers affordable and transparent fees